Mobilelron for Version 5 Complete Enterprise Persona

MobileIron Version 5 delivers the first complete mobile enterprise persona, separating personal and professional apps and content while preserving the native user experience. Companies worry about losing mobile data: email attachments uploaded to Dropbox; man-in-the-middle attacks through unsecure Wi-Fi hotspots; or malevolent apps that extract sensitive data from corporate apps.MobileIron V5’s unique features, AppConnect, AppTunnel and Docs@Work, containerize documents and app data, secure data at-rest and in-motion, and provide Data Loss Prevention controls. MobileIron’s policy engine manages each container and dynamically keeps policies up-to-date. These Connected Containers, with MobileIron managed enterprise email and configurations, comprise the complete enterprise persona.


“Perhaps the most comprehensive approach to enterprise mobility, with the integration of voice biometrics a key differentiator. Another huge major positive is the open SIM Development Kit and the possibility for developers to voice-enable apps.”